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Colchester One-Room Schoolhouses

In the late 1800’s Colchester had 30 one-room schoolhouses, more than any other town in Delaware County.  Each school district size was between three to five square miles, as most students walked to school.  The school year was generally split between two terms.  Female teachers taught in the summer term when younger children went to school.  Male teachers were preferred for the winter term because older boys attended in the winter and it was thought that male teachers would keep better control of the students.  Male teachers were paid more for the winter term, but were expected to split and stack firewood as well as maintain the woodstove fires in the schoolhouse.

Horton Brook School Group

East Trout Brook School 1919

District No. 24 1914 and student group

Colchester One Room School Winter 1910

Gregorytown School Group
Gregorytown School Group


Colchester One Room School House Locations

District #                                                                                                      Location

1.        Huntley Hollow                               Huntley Hollow

2.        Corbett                                             Hamlet of Corbett

3.        Joint 3                                               Joint District with Sullivan Co., Regan Road near the
                                                                        Beaverkill Covered Bridge                   

4.        Gregorytown                                  Corner of Fuller Hill Road and Back River Road

5.        Pepacton                                         Hamlet of Pepacton

6.        Berry Brook                                                Berry Brook Rd.

7.        Holiday Brook                                Corner of Sugarloaf Road and Holiday Brook Rd.

8.        Coles Clove                                     Base of Coles Clove, doorstep visible at edge of                                                                          Pepacton Reservoir, last one room school to close in                                                                            Colchester, 1948

9.        Cat Hollow                                       Clove Road, closed 1869

10.      Upper Telford Hollow                   Across from Tompkins Road, next to last one room
                                                                         district open in Colchester

11.      Upper Campbell Brook               Near intersection of State Road 206/30

12.      Butternut Grove                            Russell Brook Road, Cable farm near Trout Pond

13.      Lower Telford                                 Near Dann Road

14.      Morton Hill                                       Corner of Horton Hill Road and Colin Campbell                                                                         farm and Lower Spring Brook

15.      Wilson Hollow                                 District included Lindsley Hollow on NYS Route 206 and
Bear Spring

16.      Baxter Mountain                            Baxter Mt. Rd., Spooner Brook

17.      Trout Brook                                                Shinhopple close to the outlet of Trout Creek

18.      Gregory Hollow                             Near Fuller Brook Road

19.      Tiffany Hollow                                 Bull Run

20.      Brock Mountain                             Cat Hollow Road (NYS Route 206/30) Upper Spring Brook

21.      Main Street                                     Upper Main Street, Downsville

22.      Tiffany Hollow                                 Gregory Hollow Road

23.      Horton Brook                                 Near corner of Horton Brook and Beaverkill

24.      Old Rte. 17                                      (Sprague School) Horse Brook, Middle District on                                                                                   Route 17  at Lambriggers Campsite, Landfield Hollow

25.  Gregorytown River                         On Colchester side of East Branch of Delaware River                                                                               across from Gregorytown

26.      Joint 16                                            Joint district with Hamden on Doe Brook Road

27.      Horton Brook                                 Fuller Brook

            Cooks Falls School                       Cooks Falls on Stanley Smith Estate


School Consolidation

In August of 1938 Colchester residents voted to form a central school district.  The central school district consist of 19 districts: Union Free District No. 21, Town of Colchester; Common School Districts Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 ,9 ,13,  and 19 of the Town of Colchester; Nos. 10 and 18, Towns of Colchester and Hamden; Nos. 15 and 17, Towns of Colchester and Walton; No. 30 Towns of Colchester and Andes; No. 3, Town of Hancock; Nos. 7 and 8, Town of Hamden; No. 10, Towns of Hamden and Colchester.

The Town of Tompkins was added to the central school district in 1946.

Cooks Falls, Russell Brook, Morton Hill and Spring Brook sent students to Roscoe Central School.

On May 10, 1966 East Branch District No. 16 was annexed into Central School District No. 1.

In September 1965, the State Education Department granted permission to use “Downsville Central School” as the popular name of the district.



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