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Downsville Covered Bridge is a 174 foot long single span Long truss with auxiliary
queen post built by Robert Murray in 1854 for $1,700 and is still in use today.

1918 Postcard view of the Downsville Bridge

Another postcard view looking up toward the Main Street of Downsville.

After the 1998 restoration of the Downsville Bridge.

View of the Downsville Bridge today.

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Beaverkill Covered Bridge-98 foot span Town lattice bridge built in 1865 by John Davidson is
located in the Beaverkill State Park.

Colchester Covered Bridge as it was viewed from the railroad tracks looking
towards the Cloverleaf and Barney Hollow.

Colchester Covered Bridge a 318 foot two-span bridge built by
Robert Murray  in 1834  and used until July 1947.
 Originally built with two piers a third center pier was added in 1929.

Colchester Station Bridge, 138 foot long Town truss bridge also built by Robert Murray in 1870.
This bridge went across the West Branch of the Delaware near Walton.
 In use until April 1950 it was also referred to as the Weed's Bridge.

Cook's Falls Bridge

Cook's Falls Postcard view

Cook's Falls Covered Bridge after vandals partially blew up the bridge in the 1930's.

Pepacton Covered Bridge-a 168 foot long span built by Robert Murray in 1857 and used
 until flood waters destroyed the bridge on November 25, 1950.

Pepacton Covered Bridge 1940's

Pepacton Covered Bridge

Horton Covered Bridge, a 200 foot long Town truss across the Beaverkill was used until 1934.

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